Our Mission

JerseySTEM is a grassroots 501(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (“STEM”) education to pre-teen and teenage girls and underserved children in New Jersey. We partner with socially responsible companies and their employees, youth organizations in underserved communities, and civic-minded college students and universities. Together we develop and deliver innovative, hands-on afterschool projects and inquiry-based learning opportunities that develop teamwork, 21st century problem solving skills, and self esteem.


Our Goals
  1. Reduce the gender gap in STEM participation by serving 25,000 girls by 2025

  2. Bridge the innovation gap in STEM education by introducing novel formats for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  3. Address the opportunity gap by expanding access to STEM programs in underserved communities



Board of Directors
Paul Dupiano
Robotics, Maker, IOT
Elizabeth Gearhart
Kevin Hearne
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Mark Liotta
Student @ Stevens Institute of Technology

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Nabil Mouline
Director, President of JerseySTEM
2 kids, Class of 2018 and Class of 2024.
Nabil has been involved with ChathamSTEM since its inception. He was previously the President of EducationCounts.
Nabil is a healthcare executive focusing on international business development.
He holds an MSc Engineering and an MBA.

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Shaan Polius
SWENext Liaison
Pratik Raimugia
Peter Tarhanidis
Robotics, FLL
Tom Wands
Tom Wands has lived in Chatham for over twenty-five years. His three daughters graduated from Chatham High School and he currently has two grandchildren in the school district. Tom is recently retired from a small software company where he worked as an account manager. He likes cooking and golf. Tom is excited to be part of the ChathamSTEM program.

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Cherie Williams
Kash Vyas
Director, Treasurer
2 kids, Class of 2020 and Class of 2023.

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Advisory Committees

Scientific Committee
Jim DeVivo
Arts Education

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Louis Rossi
STEM Education

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Eve Wasserman
Special Education

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Steering Committee
Christiane Agkpo
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Jean Pasternak
former Member, Millburn Township Schools Board of Education April 2010 - February 2013
President and Founder, Millburn Special Education Committee (M-SPEC) 2008-2011
Former Managing Director at JP Morgan & Co. with over 18 years' experience in leading diverse business divisions in US and UK 1980- 1998

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Janet Li
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Academic Committee
Dvora Inwood
Academic Committee Member
Virginie Aris
Shubin Zhao
Javier Pacheco
Dr. Pacheco Quinto established his research career examining the risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a neurodegenerative condition that affects more than 5 million Americans. Some of his previous work focused on understanding the correlation between the toxic accumulation of the Aβ peptide in AD patients and other cardiovascular risk factors, such as cholesterol, homocysteinemia and hypertension. Simultaneously, Dr. Pacheco Quinto spent time investigating the role tha
Dan Duchamp
Dan Duchamp is a Research Professor in the Wireless Network Security Center (WiNSeC) and a Professor in the Computer Science Department. He teaches advanced courses on operating systems, network protocols, and systems programming. He, also, teaches the beginning of the undergraduate computer science curriculum His research interests are in networking in general and mobile computing in particular.
Kim Grant
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