STEM Gardening session 2 at Creekside Farms

February 26, 2019


We had a great day. Huge shout out to the Master Gardeners – Megan, Myles, and Susan for leading a fun session again. Special thanks to Meg for graciously offering her time again.  Also thanks to Sue and Nikki for tending to the plants mid-week. Thanks to the owners of Creekside Farm, we also got our little farm fenced in.


We started by observing out plants from last week. They are doing very well. We saw little plants emerge from the radishes we planted last week. Little leaves of Mint and Oregano are already ready to be eaten. We noticed that radish seeds grown in new organic soil we used last week fared better than those we put in the soil from last year. We learnt that that was likely due to better nutrients in the new soil.


We then got to work and pulled the weeds out of the four remaining beds (two raised and two at- ground level). We learnt about compost, how is it created, the benefits to plants etc. Then we measured the beds and calculated the amount of compost needed. We used a wheel barrow to load and bring the compost to the beds.  We then put the compost on the beds and made the compost even in the beds.


Next we studied the seeds we were planting that day for proper spacing and other important instructions. We learnt that we needed to soak the peas to make them soft before planting. So we soaked the peas. Our plan for today was to plan the following plants from seeds  -  Lettuce, Oregon Sugar peas, spinach, little snow peas, mesclun mix, Nasturtium (edible flowers), and Dwarf Gray sugar and strawberries from little plants. We first used graph paper to plot the plant design taking into account the individual needs for each plant. We used one raised and one ground bed. One of the lessons would be to learn how the ground beds fare as compared to raised bed. We will watch out for how our plants are doing on these two beds in the upcoming weeks.


Then we planted all the seeds based on the design we graphed. We used tape measure to make sure the distance between seeds was correct. Once we put the seeds in, we watered the beds. We learnt about how much water is appropriate and the best way to water.  We also learnt that tomato plants needs cages to keep in growing up. We put tomato cages to hold up the tomato plants.


Our last lesson today was to make sure we clean up and put all our supplies back where they belong. We ran out of time for the soil test this week. We will be doing so next week.


Sue will water our plants on Tuesday and I will water on Friday.


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